When Did You Stop Dreaming?

2nd January 2019

When we observe children we see how they play, how they don’t dwell on stuff and that they are not so worried about tomorrow.

Slowly, we all learn about responsibility and thinking about the consequences of our actions.  We learn about how to take care of ourselves.  Then we learn how to take care of others.

During this process, we become preoccupied by the need to survive.  If we are fortunate enough to enjoy success beyond survival, we become preoccupied by cultivating reputation, power and wealth.

We stop dreaming.  We stop playing.

Whatever playing we do is more about escaping pressures than dreaming.

Dreaming is intrinsic to being human.  Humans are wired with hope.  Hope inspires dreams.  And dreams fuel hope.  Both create purpose, and purpose is the elixir that brings us happiness.

Our ability to dream is symptomatic of humans’ ability not to be governed and constrained by current circumstances.

The United States of America has grown from zero to a £$20 trillion economy over 400 hundred years from this cycle of hopes and dreams, for the freedom to do business and worship unfettered by a malevolent monarch.

For some it has been so long since we dreamed that we have forgotten how it feels and why it is so powerful.

To explore this idea, we need to break up our routines and read, talk and do new things.

Every one of us deserves to dream.

Every one us is a dreamer.

It is from dreams that reality is chiselled.

Abraham Goldberg

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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