The Seed of Success & Failure

In 390BC, many years before Rome ascended to the pinnacle of world power, the Celts triumphed emphatically over the Romans militarily.  Rome was devastated, sacked and its women humiliated.

It was from this nadir that their resolve to enact reforms and overcome their enemies hardened.  The power of Rome can be traced back to this painful collective Roman experience.

In 1666, London was ravaged by fire.  Rebuilding was expensive.  From this adversity, the first insurance contracts were written to protect occupants from potential liabilities.

These events demonstrate, time and again, that success is often borne of failure.

The philosopher Boethius would have been forgotten to history had he not written one of the great books called “Consolations of Philosophy”.  He had an aristocratic upbringing and enjoyed an illustrious career advising the emperor.  But this life produced no great works.  It was only when he fell from grace and awaited execution that he wrote this book, which was followed by great kings like Alfred the Great, and is considered one of the great works of Western philosophy.

The seeds of failure are sown in our successes, and the seeds of success are sown in our failures.

Always be hopeful.  Always avoid hubris.

Abraham Goldberg

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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