The Retired Landlord

21st May 2019

We were recently contacted by a landlord who had just retired from a very fast paced and busy job.  He was looking to take a back seat and enjoy his retirement.  He contacted our office looking to discuss options which would remove him from any involvement with his properties, as he was looking to spend more time with his grandchildren and maybe spend some time travelling.

It was pretty clear from our quick conversation that he didn’t need our full lettings management service.  He already had tenants in his three properties, he had done everything correctly such as tenancy agreements, inventories, GSC etc.  He also had a couple of his own preferred contractors to deal with repairs.  I suggested that we take over the day-to-day management of the property, this would mean the tenants would contact us in the first instance with any questions, queries or qualms that they had regarding the property or repair issues.  We would then contact the appropriate preferred contractor of our landlord and arrange access to carry out said repair.  We would also collect the monthly rent, issue statements and carry out midterm inspections.

This was just the ticket for him as it has allowed him to take a step back.  His tenants know to contact us, and it gives him the most valuable things in life that we all lack, time and freedom.

Should you find yourself in a similar situation please contact our office to see how we can help.

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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