The Only Regret is Regret Itself

2nd April 2019

We all make mistakes.

Not that we should aim to fail, but if we do not allow the possibility of failure then we eliminate risk, and without risk how can we succeed?

For those of us who cannot tolerate failure, regret is usually a prominent emotion.

But regret is an illogical and destructive emotion. We look backwards. We want to change events that cannot be changed.

This is irrational. It drains us of energy. It robs us of our future.

A great future consists of two things. One is a vision that you are fully emotionally invested in. The second is a discipline to stay in the present attending to that vision like an attentive gardener tending to his plants.

Regret confuses and depletes, gnaws at your self-confidence and undermines your identity.

The only regret is regret itself. Be self-reflective. Learn from errors. But observe and do not judge yourself harshly. The soul needs to fly. Joy is sky bound. Regret anchors you down to the depths of the ocean.

Catch yourself in regret. And instantly give it up. Remember your vision. Be present. Act with honour. Be happy.

Abraham Goldberg

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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