The Folly of Ego

5th March 2019

It is not that one must think less of one’s self.

It is that one must think less about one’s self.

When our attention places someone else at the centre, then our anxieties melt away, our suffering reduces and we are more effective.

The reality is that behaviour like this is beneficial in all circumstances.

However, our egos are so concerned about our own survival that they cause us to concentrate on our own needs. We do not put others first. Paradoxically, this self-absorption makes us unhappy.

You can trace most problems down to this misconception.

It is the folly of our ego.

When we think of ourselves first, others sense this selfishness, and respond in kind.

Our relationships plateau, wilt or end.

Whatever it is that you seek, you need people, and thus you need good relationships. When we serve one another rather than seek how to exploit one another then our relationships, for example marriages, friendships and customer relationships, become more stable and positive.

Long term success is a result of overcoming this folly.

Abraham Goldberg

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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