Proactively serving in the workplace

19th February 2019

Last week, I discussed being more effective in our relationships by proactively expressing love in a way the other person values.

Love needs to be expressed in the language understood by the other person.

These principles can be applied in the workplace, in terms of service.

The categories are different.

When we serve one another, we anticipate what will please them rather than what only pleases us. We should take care to apply this word “please” in a non-sentimental way. We try to “please” the higher nature of the other person not the lower nature. If the doctor has prescribed that a person should eat no confectionery then buying confectionery, however much the person likes it, is not “pleasing” them. It is only appeasing their lower nature.

In the workplace we can be effective if we proactively and consistently serve through the following acts:

  • Development – acts that show commitment to improving the skills and aptitude of your employees.
  • Acknowledgement – informal and formal ways of saying thank you and recognising contributions.
  • Values – often overlooked but very powerful; inculcating behaviours which have integrity and congruency and imbue staff with pride to work for the company.
  • Tangibles – such as pay and conditions etc.
  • Clarity – making sure everyone knows their responsibilities and managing expectations.

Many successful business leaders know that if they take care of their employees, the result is happy customers and healthy profits.

Abraham Goldberg

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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