One Centimetre Cubed for Choice, Opportunity And Destiny

29th January 2019

There is a highly regarded book called “Journey to Ixtlan” by Carlos Castaneda. It is about a man of knowledge and how, once he has realised certain universal truths within himself, he can never return to his previous state of consciousness.

Castaneda describes how everyone, at various moments in their lives, is presented with “one centimetre cubed” of choice in front of him/her. Think of it like a distinct moment in space and time when the person is presented with an opportunity that may irrevocably change his/her life forever.

It could be a business, family or romantic event, a seemingly random conversation.

The point is that life altering events do not get necessarily get presented with alerts or flashing lights.

How awake are we to our lives? How much are we listening to our environment around us or are we blocked off from the world with the radio station of our mind so loud that all outside signals are not noticed?

My observation is that if we are going to be able to be aware of this one-centimetre cube vortex of destiny then we need to:

1. Be self-aware of our unique nature and at ease with it.

2. Be present to all that is around us and undistracted.

3. Have faith in a Higher Power or Universal Force greater than ourselves that is presenting opportunities for our personal growth.

Our job is to cultivate this state of living. Is it this that sets apart the likes of Jobs, Musk, Bezos and Neumann?

Abraham Goldberg

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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