Love is the Greatest Force

11th September 2018

It has been said that the essence of Man is driven by his sense of purpose. When we have purpose, we are alive and effective. If we do not, then our lives do not function so well. Happiness is elusive.

My observation is that, while this is true, the ultimate creative force of Man is agapelogical. This means that, fundamentally, we are most effective when we are driven by love. Love begets purpose.

Our happiness flows from the degree to which we have defined four loving activities, and the depth to which we apply ourselves to these four loves.

The first is a loving promise to our family.

The second is a loving promise to a vocation.

The third is a loving promise to a community.

And the fourth is a loving promise to a higher power, which is either God or some over-arching philosophy of life.

When we dedicate ourselves in love to a congruent set of people, and a world view that is outside of, and bigger than we are, then we are fulfilling our agapelogical propensity. And, thus, happiness prevails.

In order to maintain and increase love, we need to adhere to some rules. The commentator David Brooks expresses it very well when he says that rules keep us in a loving condition when we do not feel within us that love.

Love is a hugely powerful force, and its existence and flow within us can help us reach heights of achievement that would, otherwise, be impossible.

Abraham Goldberg

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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