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This week I was reading the biography of the legendary footballer Pelle. Having scored over 1283 goals in his professional career his status was less human and more on the plane of a demigod. Yet even someone of his status had issues in investing. A paragraph in his book stated ‘I’ve earned a lot of money in my lifetime, but the truth is that I never learned how to make money work for me the way some people do. I was good at football not so good at business’.

Even people who are good at business are sometimes not good at letting money work for them. When you remove the owner of the business from the business it normally collapses.

Pele with his legendary status didn’t have a clue about business, let alone how to make money work for him. Even though he was hitting some record sums in earnings, where was it going? Twice in his career he had to return to work in order to get himself out of a financial hole.

This is the situation of many who work hard either running their own businesses or working for someone. It is not a case of being educated, for even those who are educated are often clueless regarding how to make their money work for them.


They have only been taught how to work for money, this has been drummed into their psyche from a young age.


We regularly come across pharmacists, doctors and other professionals who haven’t provided for themselves adequately. Not through lack of funds, they have the financial means to do so. And clearly they are not stupid people, yet their funds often lie stagnant in some bank or policy which isn’t really doing much for them.

The blockage in my opinion is two fold, first they have a misunderstanding. Many cannot comprehend the fact that a property will work for you without you practically doing anything. This is the most important point. If you consider your own home, and remember when you bought it and how much for, if you compare it to the value it’s worth now you probably haven’t saved as much money as the rise in value, assuming of course you did not buy it in the middle of the credit crunch. Yet you did nothing for this to happen, you simply purchased the property and lived in it.

This is a difficult concept for many to grasp, most people are of the opinion one needs to work hard in order to gain money, it can’t just come by itself, there must be some catch.

So they scratch their heads and walk off. But for those who have tried and invested they become believers, those of the faith and they stick to this concept, free with the knowledge that yes money can work for them! They start replicating this sacred concept again and again regardless of what the non believers say.

Those who haven’t been initiated into this knowledge simply sit on the fences and throw stones.

The second block is actually knowing where to invest to give this passive income, in having the tools to invest in a hassle free way, so your investment does not become a source of bondage.

Property naturally has the ability to give you passive income which means income without you sacrificing your own time. This will allow you to enjoy your money and spend your time doing something else. This is the easiest way to start generating passive income. It is also the perfect investment for retirement because it has the ability to give you a monthly income.


It is said time is more valuable than money, you can get more money but you cannot get more time. So to sacrifice your time for money is not a very good proposition.


Learning and understanding how best money can work for you is essential if you don’t want to be a financial slave. Given the current situation when the banks at best are giving paltry returns, and we are faced with the rising cost of further education and the reduction in the level of health care, things are not going to get better into the future. To meet these challenges securely you will need have some understanding of how to put your money to work for you and to take control of where to put your funds, and not simply choose the default option of using the same account simply because that’s what you used for the last twenty years or choosing a pension scheme simply because it’s the one your company have offered you.

Many successful people who have done well from property have used their business profits to invest in property. The funds from the business rather than being planted back in to the business is siphoned off and invested into property. The property then acts as a buffer if the business was to fail or if the profits of the business were to decline. Property can be a solid safety net by providing passive income to keep the business afloat. There always exists the temptation to plant the proceeds back into what you know, which is your business, because it’s what you’re used to and perhaps it gives you even greater returns than property. However you then end up being run by your business rather than you running the business.

Property has the magical ability to release you from this bondage it also serves as a good retirement pot.

The Real Deal

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There are two main points when entering the property market one is timing and the other location. Given the current economic crisis many are using the London property market as a safe haven you can ride the wave.

Price of anything is decided by supply and demand with Central London you have limited supply but a constant demand from various sectors.


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