How much do you actually control?

19th March 2019

You and I do not have much more control than an ant.

And yet we suffer under the illusion that we do because of our powerful yet erratic minds.

Do you control the sun? The moon? This planet? Do you even control the body you occupy? You could die right now. Do you control how anyone behaves towards you? How about the weather? Do you control the parents who begot you?

If you analyse your behaviour, much of it stems from a desire to control your world while knowing that it is uncontrollable.

Most of us have little control over our emotional reactions to events. If you are lucky you have some discrimination when handling your emotions and controlling your reactions to others. Life is usually a mixed bag of results in this domain.

Ask those close to you.

In business, handling this conundrum gives you a competitive advantage. Act with full dedication. Know that you do not control the outcome. Accept in your heart you do not control anything. And thus do not suffer distress when you see how much you cannot control. This way you can act with full vigour yet remain equanimous.

Watch your performance improve!

Abraham Goldberg

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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