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8th January 2019

When we love, we feel enthused. These emotions drive inspiration. And these emotions, when unblocked and channelled, flow from one part of our life to our entire life.

I started the Christmas holidays being a bit of a grouch.

Then I considered the underlying message of love that Jesus taught. Not religion. Just simple love.

And I examined my own heart. What I found was that I had allowed some resentment to build up towards my sister and that some old wounds remained open but buried.

Deeply buried.

Denial does not eliminate pain. It transforms it into something more malign.

I wrote a very intimate, open letter to her. Paper and pen. Old fashioned style.

She was absolutely delighted and we met up last week. The get-together was honest, loving and we left on a very positive note.

Love is the fountain of inspiration and happiness. A dam has been unblocked. I feel light and energised. This immediately flows positively into my business ideas and actions.

Some may say that they are not good at expressing this kind of sentiment and the worry is that one may be misunderstood. However, you get better with practice. Like everything, the more you practice love the better you get. And one thing is for sure – if you say nothing you will be misunderstood. For sure.

The lesson is to take the time to self-examine, take action, express the truth and reach out to the other person.

Love changes your world.

Abraham Goldberg

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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