Freedom Through Insignificance

15th January 2019

We live in an era of amplification. Everyone is trying to be heard. Therefore, in the ensuing din voices are getting louder in order to be heard. The media perpetually bombard us with the significance of every event and issue.

Films and TV streamed 24/7 vie for our attention. They become more emotionally charged and story lines become more intensified.

Combine this with the ever-quickening pace of urban life and you have a recipe for a population on edge.

We are all in need of perspective. Without perspective our nervous systems are in danger of overload.

So, I like to remember that 99% of what makes our lives work has nothing to do with any human being who ever lived, let alone you or me individually.

The sun and moon rise and set every day. Rain falls. Tides come in and go out. No material object is ever created from scratch. All we do is to change one material into another. We never manifest the original material substance from nothing. Birth itself has been designed not by human endeavour. Death too.

It is an evident reality that we control little.

There is freedom in this thinking. We can try hard. We can chase our dreams. But we should understand life in full cognisance of the limitation of our will and control. This helps us to be more tolerant, patient and compassionate.

This gives us an edge in business because we can manage stress better and think more clearly.

Abraham Goldberg

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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