Flying Your Plane

1st October 2018

The mind perceives and receives information through the five senses. It is our thinking, feeling, willing function. And the intelligence is our discriminating faculty, our internal councillor who advises the mind whether to do this or do that.

Each one of us is like an aeroplane flying through the sky, and the turbulence that we have to navigate depends upon the mode of nature in which we choose to live.

Some teachings explain that there are three modes of nature in the material world – goodness, passion and ignorance. When we live in goodness life is calm, peaceful, sustainable, prosperous, nurturing and moral.  When we live in passion, life can be full of frustration, ups and downs, some anger, high points of happiness and low points of despair.  When we live in ignorance, we suffer from delusion and bad character and our life is replete with defects and sadness.

We can greatly help the instruments of our psyche by making choices to live in goodness and eschew passion and ignorance through what we eat, read, listen to, watch, associate with, speak and how we exercise.

Why fly your plane through great turbulence when the knowledge is available for you to fly the same plane in calmer conditions for a happier and more successful life?

Abraham Goldberg

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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