Feed your mind

25th September 2018

The mind is our greatest friend or enemy. It can be the seat of a strong and sagacious will, or it can be flickering and unstable like the wind.

The mind is very sensitive to what we eat, and controlling it is far easier when we control our food intake.

I am on day 18 of fasting every other day, and when not fasting I eat only natural fats, protein and 90% less carbohydrate.

This is known as a ketogenic diet.

The performance results are astonishing. My foot ulcer is cured. My diabetes 2 is reversing. I have lost 26 pounds and 6 inches off my girth. And my mind is so much faster and sharper. Furthermore, my energy levels are through the roof and, emotionally, I am happier and more grounded.


So, how does what we eat impact on the mechanics of our psyche as set out above? In modern urban societies we get too much of our energy from glucose. Glucose is like the coal or diesel for the human body. It delivers the fuel but it is unstable. Instead of dealing with this underlying problem, we try to cope with the results of too much glucose. We are dealing with the problem superficially. Through a radical (but very tasty) change of diet, the energy that my body is running on means that my intelligence faculty, which advises the mind, is grounded and strong while my mind, which can waver like the wind, is calm and centred.

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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