Detachment and Success

31st July 2018

When my talents are deployed with a complete sense of purpose towards a goal, then the chances of success are high. I remember once needing to raise over £40m and I had days left to complete the transaction. The consequences of failing were financially, and reputationally, ruinous. Somehow, I was able to be entirely focussed and goal oriented, but not emotionally attached to the result. This enabled me to manage my stress levels well and operate at a higher level of effectiveness. The funds were raised.

Attachment occurs when the person invests emotion into a particular outcome that s/he will greatly lament if failure ensues. It engenders fear for an outcome that has not yet occurred. Attachment skews our vision. It impairs our judgement. It undermines our ability to communicate and to connect with those with whom we are working. It hampers our objectivity. It is also the cause of our suffering. It is the enemy of success.

I experience the sweet spot of maximum performance and minimum stress when my goal and direction are clear but I am not attached. When I remain detached, but determined, I have the ability to see all the choices available, and my ability to discriminate and decide is more refined, less constrained and more powerful.

Detachment is a competitive advantage.

Abraham Goldberg

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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