Consciousness – A Competitive Advantage

17th August 2018

For us to compete and succeed in this world, we must find some advantage over our competitors. Being effective in business is so much more than simply under-cutting our competitors. We must add more value. We must offer superior quality and service. It is a demanding world.

This is why some might consider consciousness as the ultimate competitive advantage. It is from our state of consciousness that thoughts emanate. And thoughts lead to action. And actions produce results. Thus, our consciousness shapes our lives.

So, how can we transform our consciousness and maintain that positive state?

The answer lies in meditation.  Meditation shifts one’s state of consciousness. It can be used for more energy, for clarity of thought, in order to generate more positive thinking and for broadening one’s vision and perspective. Meditation is also effective in dissipating one’s fears.

Meditation can be likened to Himalayan water cascading down the mountain-scape and washing away the dirt and soil accumulated on the flatlands. In the same way, meditation gives one access to higher, more powerful and purer states of consciousness, which can then permeate one’s consciousness, triggering better more perspicacious thoughts that trigger actions and results that improve one’s life.

This inevitably spills over into being able to transact better in business.

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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