Auspicious or Suspicious?

Over the last week we have had three deals complete, requests weremade in all cases regarding the time of exchange and completion – allinfluenced by Astrology. This promoted me to write something on thissubject as it seems to permeate the way Gujaratis transact.

The common thread seems to be the client speaks to a Brahmin/Maharaj which his family uses, he is advised on the optimumdays to exchange and complete, if the property does not completeor exchange on those days the clients get distressed and there isa fear something will go wrong if not now then most definitely in the future. 

One client set up simultaneous completion and exchange togetheron the opportune date and was most disappointed when the otherside sent a letter that same day to say they were not ready to complete.It threw everything in the air and another auspicious date had to besought immediately.

Luckily the solici tor we use is Jewish and is used to thisidea as Jews also fol low the principle of not only consideringwhat they do but when they do it and t ry and conductthei r business on certain favourable periods .

For example amongst the Jews following the death of someoneclose there is a period of mourning for seven days known, interestinglyenough, as the Shiva. During this period no business is conducted.They have other period likes this scattered throughout theyear. As this race is a dominant force in the market, auctions are normallyheld on days where it is not forbidden for Jews to trade.The other main variable, is not just when the deals are done butthe number on the property, which is a science based on the westernequivalent of numerology.I had a client who would not purchase a property with the number8 on there. They had lived in a property with the number 8 and ithadn’t been a good period for them, the Maharaj then duly confirmedthis to them.In stark contrast for a Chinaman this is a most auspicious number.

For Chinese the number 8 is considered lucky. Therefore, it should come as no surprisethat the Olympic games in China start on August 8, 2008 or 08/08/08. In Chinayou have to pay extra to have the number 8 in your phone number or license plate.In addition, home and business owners like to have the number 8 in their address.

The main reason has to do with the pronunciation of the word forthe number 8 in China. It is pronounced “ba” and sounds like the wordfor prosperity which is pronounced “fa”. Another reason why the number8 could be considered lucky is because it is a perfect symmetricalshape. You can cut the number 8 in half vertically or horizontally, andboth halves mirror themselves perfectly. Perfect symmetry lends itselfto perfect balance. In Chinese astrology perfect balance is consideredthe ideal. It is also the symbol for infinity should you flip the digit onits side.Many years ago I also had a client for whom we were endeavouringto do a mortgage for who try as he may could not purchase a propertyno matter what, something or another always went wrong in thetransaction. This happened in about three deals in succession whichwas very frustrating both for us and him.

On a trip to India he was referred to a highly esteemed astrologer and he was advisednot to purchase in that period and wait until another period which would be conduciveto his desire to purchase the property. He followed the advice and lo andbehold things fell into place and he finally completed on a property.

The principle this science or belief relies upon, is that we are notfully independent to make our own decisions. Man and universe isinterdependent, when we go according to these currents things flowsmoothly and when we go against them we end up banging our headson a brick wall.It is also known that Financial Astrology has been used to predictstock market movement. In researching Financial Astrology I cameacross a character called W.D.Gann who was born in Texas in 1878.He was regarded as the patron saint of Financial Astrology and made$50m from his predictive skills. Staring from 1st October 1909 over a25 day period he made 286 trades in front of witnesses and 254 where profitable – this gave him a 92% success rate. This was a well publicisedand documented event.I’m no expert in this science, I have simply narrated my experiencein the property field. However logic tells you there must be somethingto this. Even looking at the physical gravitational effect of the moonin controlling the tides means there must be some influence on thehuman psyche as 70% of our bodies are made of water. Interestinglythe word lunatic comes from the word lunar meaning moon.I thought it best to get the view point of somebody actually in thefield of astrology.

In the words of someone who is a practising astrologer: “This is avery complicated science. Unfortunately nowadays there are few andfar between knowledgeable astrologers who can help and advise onchoosing good Muhurats, whether for a wedding or for a propertydeal! It is not helped by the aspirants who want the “best muhurat”but then they want the job done in 2 weeks! So people start to compromiseand the unscrupulous astrologer will give any nearby date toplease the client and get the money….. and then later when things gowrong… well it’s is blamed on God or astrology.

Astrology is not an absolute science as not all is known in kaliyuga,lots of knowledge being lost over the ages. However it is prettyreliable, though the same cannot be said of the astrologer who ishuman after all and prone to making errors now and then”.

Interestingly in his opinion it wasn’t the completion of a propertypurchase which was the main crux it was agreeing the deal:“With regards to the property muhurat specifically, the time ofcompletion is not as crucial actually as the time of first agreeing/signing/or paying deposit for the deal. Just in the same way as all farmersknow that WHEN to plant / sow the SEED is more important thanwhen to REAP/ eat the fruit it bears. Sowing at the ripe/opportunemoment will promise a more favourable outcome bearing a ripe andsweet fruit. But sown at the wrong time/inclement weather conditionsthen the fruit may still grow …. but may not be optimal in shape, sizeor taste!”

According to him it is the sowing which is important and NOT thetime of completion. This is NOT the way most implement this science.In summary it seems there are two main points, one is the knowledgeof astrology and the other its implementation.As with most things in this age it seems as if the knowledge hasbeen diluted by ulterior motivations of the practitioner and so to finda true source is not so easy.

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