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19th March 2019

Q:  Do I need permission from my local authority to rent out my property?

A: If it is for a standard BTL, it depends on the local authority (LA).  There are a few that require you to have a specific license to be a landlord, for example, Brent Council require you to have a landlord license in order to let your property out, so it’s worth checking with your LA.   This can easily be done on their website.

The LAs that do require licenses will charge a fee for doing so, and there is plenty of paperwork to match.

If your property is an HMO, then every LA will require you to have a license.  Sometimes, this will fall into two categories; a non-licensed HMO and a licensed HMO.  Each LA’s rules and regulations differ, so again it’s worth contacting them or looking online.  Both will require certain safety aspects installed in the property such as fire doors, smoke alarms, locks, slow closing doors…and so on.  Again, this will require paperwork filling and as usual, fees.

I would recommend that you contact your LA or check their website just to be sure, as not checking means you run the risk of potentially £1000s worth of fines.

Do get in touch if you need any help with this, and the associated paperwork.

Richard Bond

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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