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22nd January 2019

Q:  Should I take out a boiler care agreement for my BTL property?

A:  In the run up to Christmas we had four boiler failures with no heating or hot water.  Two boilers had completely given up, and one underfloor heating system was just simply not playing ball.  Usually at this time of year it is a real task to get a contractor out to fix such issues, as everyone seems to get them at the same time.  If you have a boiler care agreement then you would normally have a visit within 48hrs, without one, you might end up having to wait four to five days!

If you have a new boiler then the chances are you will not need it, as you will have a warranty, and this will be covered as long as you service it regularly.

But if your boiler is an older model then I would highly recommend it.

Most boiler covers may include the following but please make sure you double check as they will differ from provider to provider: unlimited call outs, labour costs covered in the event of an issue, sometimes parts depending on value, 24hr assistance, same day call out if you have someone under 3 or over 65 years old; and on the odd occasion they might even supply alternative heating for a complete breakdown.

Before looking around for cover, perhaps contact your insurance company first, and ask if they offer this type of cover as some insurance companies do.

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Richard Bond

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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