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13th November 2018

Q:  Is it necessary for me to get an electricity certificate for my BTL property?

A:  Yes.  Your electrics should always be covered by an in date Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR).  It is not a legal requirement to have one, however, if you rent out a property and your tenant is electrocuted due to unsafe electrics then you could be prosecuted.

Claiming that you were unaware of the condition of the electrics will not be a valid defence by the way.  In many areas, the local council will insist on a Condition Report for licencing rental properties such as HMOs.

Having an EICR is great practice to have done at the start of any purchase or refurb, as this should show up any hidden dangers!  I was asked to let a property, which had undergone a quick mini refurb, the owner had not arranged for an EICR.  The property looked very nice, but for some reason the kitchen had not been touched and was very outdated.  The property wasn’t letting due to the kitchen, so it was decided that the kitchen should be replaced.  It was only when we did this did we notice a series of electrical death traps hidden within the walls.  A check at the start would have saved some costly work.

You should also check your insurance, as many landlord’s insurances will require an electrical report or a visual report at the very least.

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Richard Bond

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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