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3rd November 2018

Q:  My tenant is complaining that the neighbour is making too much noise at night.  I’m not sure what I can do about this.

A:  This is very different to the usual noise related question I get, i.e. what to do about a noisy tenant.  However, in this case of a noisy neighbour, you are somewhat limited in the steps you can take.

The best first step would be for you to ask your tenant to speak to the person making the noise.  People often do not realize how loud they are, or even that they can be heard by other people outside of their home.  Remember, you are not there to shout or create tension, but to settle the issue in the best possible way.

If the problem still carries on after this conversation it might be worth a visit from you as the owner.  You may be in luck if they are renting, as then you could try contacting the lettings agent or the landlord as they will often be more responsive.

If nothing changes then you will need to speak to the council and report the noise complaint e.g. if they are making excessive noise after 10 pm or before a certain time of the morning.

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Suresh Vagjiani
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