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1st September 2018

Q: Are my tenants allowed to withhold rent for property issues?

A: This question could open up a debate and an article that covers over three pages.  But, the short answer is yes, they can!

However, it can only be done using the Rule of “Set Off”, which your tenants would need to follow to the letter.

Now, the very best way to tackle this problem would be for it to be done head on.  Once the issue, whatever it may be, has been reported; get the ball rolling ASAP, and get a contractor around there.  Most tenants are placated when they can see that some work is being done to the property to remedy the issue, and that you are keeping them up to date with progress, such as waiting for parts.

If you have a nice contractor, then they will take this off your hands and do the updates for you.

It’s very easy to avoid this if you keep lines of communication open with your tenants, and get things repaired as soon as you can.

Richard Bond

Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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