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9th June 2020

Q: My tenants want to repaint at their own cost.  Is there any reason why I shouldn’t allow this?

A:  It sounds like you have great tenants there!  To be honest, unless you have just had the place redone from top to bottom, then we do not see any reason why you shouldn’t allow this.

That being said, we would recommend adding a few conditions when providing them permission to do so.  For example, that the works are done by a professional or to a professional standard, and you inspect the work once this has been done (not an unreasonable request).  Another example is approval of colour as you do not want them to choose the cheapest paint in the world or picking lime greens and deep purples!

Find out what look they want to achieve, you may even give them input or ideas that they never thought of before.

Now, if this sounds a little too hands on for your liking, simply give them the permission to do this on the agreement that the wall/room is returned to a neutral or original colour at the end of their tenancy, also at their own cost.

Remember, all agreements should be in writing.

Having your tenants wanting to invest in painting or personalising the property is really a great sign.  Most tenants that want to make your house their home lead to long term tenancies.

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Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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