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17th December 2019

Q: Due to a huge leak in my flat the tenants cannot live there until it is fixed.  What should I do?

A: Apart from the obvious problem of the leak, your major problem is your tenants and where to put them!  Act quickly.  Find a hotel locally and book a room for them.  Now, we are not talking a hostel, and neither are we talking about a luxury hotel.  Something in the middle.  Unless of course your flat is high end, in which case a decent hotel will be necessary.

Now comes the painful question: do you have landlord insurance?  If you don’t then this is going to be very very expensive for you.  If you do have this in place then you need to give them a call.  Most landlord insurances will cover the issue you have with the leak in terms of repair works, loss of income (as you will not be able to charge the tenants rent for an unhabitual property) and fingers crossed the alternative accommodation for your tenants.

All insurance companies work differently.  Some will want you to rent a self catering apartment and they will pay for it, and some might ask you to pay for it and then claim it back from them.

Keep on top of the insurance company and give your tenants daily updates on the situation.

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Suresh Vagjiani
Suresh Vagjiani
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