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12th August 2017

Q: I’m just doing a bit of decorating in my apartment, ready for my next set of tenants, but what do you recommend for the flooring, carpet or laminate?

A: As a landlord, there are certainly pros and cons to each option.



  • Keeps the house warm and helps with insulation
  • Looks attractive and feels better under bare feet
  • Adds value – makes the space look like it’s had more money spent on it


  • Wears out easily – especially in high-traffic areas, such as hallways
  • Can fade in places, especially when furniture has been in one place for while
  • Stains easily and attracts dirt
  • Difficult to clean – professionals may have to be contracted
  • Can be expensive to buy good quality and have it fitted


Make sure you look for a durable, easily cleaned carpet that will withstand a few years of wear and tear.  Darker colours are best to prevent stains showing, but don’t go too dark – this could make rooms look smaller.

Laminate flooring


  • Durable and can withstand much more than carpet as it’s less easily marked
  • Easy to clean – spills will mop straight up
  • Cost effective and easy to install and replace (if a section is damaged, it can be lifted out and replaced), you could even do it yourself


  • While it can be installed in ‘moist’ places, such as kitchens and bathrooms, it is easily damaged by puddles of water, if they’re left to stand
  • Many people think it looks less attractive than carpet or wood


If you’re considering installing laminate flooring in a bathroom or kitchen, make sure it’s a specialist variety that can withstand water better.  Also make sure you check the guarantee, to ensure it won’t be void if you install the flooring in these areas.

Do be sure to take into account the type of tenants you’re looking for and the rent you’ll be charging.

If you would like further advice on this or any other areas of decoration, then please contact the office and ask about our assisted full refurbishment packages.

Richard Bond

Lettings Manager

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